The Struggle is Real

4 kids- 1 tween, 3 babies- was for the most part manageable. We had our routine and got into a good groove. Adding another baby has taken it to another level. I’ve come to realize with this whole experience that I have to always be on the offensive, constantly anticipating needs and situations, otherwise the kids completely take over. I plan- a lot. Sunday nights I review my 11 year old’s schedule with him and coordinate all the activities and plan homework. My husband and I divide and conquer- groceries, meals, work schedules, almost everything. The babies are all on a super strict schedule for feedings and sleep. It’s a juggle but we are managing. It doesn’t always work and there are days when I literally could cry I’m so tired but in the end it’s all about love. I love my family so much that it’s all worth it. To those of you with multiples, large families, really anyone with kids- I tip my hat to you. The struggle is real!!!