Managing Multiples

Our top 5 tips for managing multiples:

  1. Only buy pjs with zippers – the snap ones slow you down. Remember with multiples time is of the essence- speed is everything!
  2. Keep them on a schedule – no matter what- this includes naps, feeds, bath, bedtime- they should do everything at the same time.
  3. Imagine crying x 4 for us- when one loses it, most of the time the others think they should start crying too- ALWAYS carry or have ready their soothing toy. It’s usually something different for each child but figure out what that is and have it handy.
  4. Mentally you need to stay strong- remind yourself every day that the first year is the toughest and it does get easier – my game changer was when the girls started walking- the fact that I could put them down on their own rather than trying to carry two at a time was turning point.
  5. Keep them busy- I know it may seem easier to stay home but the day goes by much faster and the kids are happier when they have things to do!

PS. and always remember, children are such a blessing and we are lucky to have them!